Tap into a community-driven platform that helps CBT psychologists treat anxiety and phobias with virtual reality (and standard displays too!)


VR-Well allows you to share and use resources (360° videos…) in order to relax and/or treat phobias. VR-Well is your platform for on-line 360° VR videos.


How do you use VR ? What ingredients (EMDR, Hypnosis…) do you implement in order to treat your patients ? VR-well is your on-line “virtual recipe” playbook.


What 3d software do you use ? What hardware ? Do you have best practices ? VR-Well is your platform for referencing 3d VR experiences to treat phobias.


Use VR-Well

To view a video without headset, you just need to click on it. With a VR headset, go to the headset’s web browser and enter the site’s address. No download, free, easy-to-use, you are ready to treat your patient: this is VR-Well!

Add content

To contribute to the community, you can add a YouTube link, share some of your “protocols”, methods, tips on how to use VR efficiently. The stars (*) show the opinion of our editors on the quality of the video (their -too subjective- view on the stress or relaxing level of an average viewer is shown by the stress or relax grading)

Warning: the use of this website in a medical or paramedical context must be done only under the supervision of a practicioner. Exposure of sensitive persons must be accompanied by specific methods: Schultz, Jacobson, Cardiac Coherence, Cognitive theory, EMDR, Hypnosis…