What methods to treat phobias in the context of a Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy ?

The debate is open but here are some therapies that can treat phobias (because the repeated progressive exposure only will not make it possible to desensitize the phobic reaction) the tools are diverse, but the best known are: EMDR which will seek the memory source, CBT which allows to work on a dysfunctional limiting belief by providing functional reasoning, cognitive restructuration , management of feelings, work on the schemas, Mental field therapy which allows to empty the encoding memories of phobias, Energy therapy (which allows the client to manage a phobic crisis , notably with REMAP and SELF EMOTIONAL BALANCING), Hypnosis to install resources via the unconscious, EFT to bring the patient to positively and mobilize his cortex, IFS to empower the client with the theory of sub- personalities. For the record, there are also TRE, TIPi and NERTI, TAT, Fields of memory, Sophrology, IMO, less recognized / effective in treating complex phobias. And you in this vast panorama, what do you recommend as a protocol / method associated with virtual reality?

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